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Shelby County, Indiana offers so many advantages to companies — from our highly skilled and motivated workforce, to abundant and affordable utilities, to our central location and outstanding transportation, to business-friendly state and local government.

But we know that every business has unique needs that will drive your decision-making. So we would like to help. Our professionals have extensive experience helping businesses find the right location for a new facility or the support needed to expand an existing one or add new lines or staff.

When you discuss your specific needs with us, we help you find solutions along your decision process. We believe that Shelby County is the ideal location for your company, and we are eager to have you come to the same conclusion.



Our History
The Shelby County Development Corporation (SCDC) was founded in 1988 — the result of efforts by community leaders to foster economic growth in the county.  Today, operating as a partnership with private investors and local and state officials, SCDC has diversified the county economy through industry retention and business attraction and expansion.
Our Mission

We are a public/private, not-for-profit, corporation founded in 1988 as Shelby County’s official economic development organization. On the most basic level, the mission of the Shelby County Development Corporation (SCDC) is to increase economic growth in Shelby County. 

Our Goal
As economic prosperity changes the outlook of Shelby County, it is the goal of SCDC to ensure growth without compromising the attractive aspects of the county as a charming place to live, and a safe and healthy environment in which to raise a family.
Our Collaboration
Collaboration is evidenced by the City of Shelbyville and Shelby County working together to establish the Advantage Shelby County educational program. The Centaur Equine Diagnostic and Surgical Center and Intelliplex Certified Technology Park are also the result of collaboration between the City of Shelbyville and Shelby County.
Our Commitment
SCDC is committed to working closely with city, county and state officials to achieve economic development goals in the areas of business recruitment and expansion, job creation, and workforce development.
Our Pursuit
SCDC endeavors to bolster Shelby County’s economy, not only by striving to attract new businesses; but also by working with existing local businesses — offering assistance with job development and expansion projects — to retain quality jobs in our community.


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